Who’s Kyrzayda Rodriguez?




“My name is Kyrzayda Rodriguez, I’m  36 years old. I have a beautiful daughter named Kiandra Pinto, she is half italian and dominican, unlike her mom she does not like dresses as much. I’m a christian who believes in the word of God and Jesus is my savior. I’m very passionate about Fashion and Fitness. In 2011 I  started working for a small boutique in Clifton, NJ and  became the Stylist/Social Media Developer of the store, I would also model the merchandise which was super cute being that I was their best client. I was not camera friendly but it worked since the sales were increasing. In 2012 I  joined the cast of “Glam Fairy” a reality show that aired on Style Network, I felt this opportunity would open many doors, however the show was not picked by the network for the following season,  my T.V. days were over….. Another opportunity opened for me when I started guessing on “Buenos Dias New York” a show that premiered November of 2012, and now a year and half later I can say I have built a great relationship with the cast, producers and viewers of the show. “Buenos Dias New York” is now called Noticiero 47 Primera Edition. I also do segments on a different show for the same network called “Acceso Total”.  All the above are platforms of my dreams, but I still have so much more to accomplish. Thankfully, I have an amazing following on Instagram & Social Media which allows me to connect with people, cultures and countries. I love what I do but above all I thank GOD for allowing me to share my journey of style with everyone that follows me and I hope to reach more places across the world for to me there are no “LIMITS”. What makes this journey even more beautiful is that even when I have difficulties I trust in God and those amazing emails I receive saying “Thank you” for being my inspiration, wow I your inspiration ..all they way from Africa … that is were the beauty of this work lies in knowing you can inspire someone. Believe me “You must love you” no one will but you is in you.

Remember always stay true to your style, for you can buy luxury, but true STYLE can’t be purchase that comes from within”



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20 thoughts on “Who’s Kyrzayda Rodriguez?

  1. Your story is very interesting. If I may ask, how did you find those opportunities to be on tv shows & segments? Its amazing how you went from a stylist & just skyrocketed from there.

    1. Hi thank u I went to a casting for Glam Fairy and I got the part I was the only latina so I was super proud of myself, as far as Telemundo I was recommended by a friend as a stylist in 2012 and ever since I do freelance work for them. I still feel I have so much to learn

  2. Is it ok if I can interview you? My blog is about my journey into the fashion industry, and how I seek opportunities to further my fashion career. I stress the importance of researching, volunteering, networking, and how they can build a reputation. Your story fits that concept, and I would love to write a blog post about you being an example of the advice I’m trying to give them. Would you be open to it?

  3. Youre simply gourgeous!! Definately on the outside, but your inner beauty shines bright also. Yor since of style is effortless. Its sexy, hip, individual and classic at the same time. I follow you on instagram and look forward hearing and seeing more from you. God Bless!!

    1. Thank u so much for the support and the love it means a lot I work so hard I was just thinking about my blog and how slow I been it makes so sad but u uplifted me to do Better tnx u keep visiting both pages

  4. May God continue to bless you sister!
    Never give up!
    The plans God has for you are greater than yours. Love you! Keep blogging for him

  5. You are really an inspiration.You have a beautiful spirit and it shows. Your Instagram posts motivate me to go even harder for my two little girls. I’m a 27 yr old college student and Im in love with fashion. Currently receiving my MA in fashion design and hoping to start my own clothing line soon! Any who I love your style, so effortless and chic. May God continue to bless you and your business ventures. Also, what advice would you give to an aspiring designer?

  6. You have a beautiful soul. I am always humbled at how God enables us to share our gifts when we focus on Him. He gives more than we can conceive with our finite minds. Your journey is a testimony of that. Your love for Christ manifests in your work. It shows my dear! I appreciate who you are, what you do & how you do it! *besos*

  7. First of all i want to say congratulations on your accomplishments this far. I feel so proud to have found someone with amazing style and dominican that i can look up to. Even though i am not sure what my journey is you somehow inspire me to want to find it and have the faith in god an believe in myself. Thank you for being you! I hope to follow in similar success

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words that means a lot. Yes God is the only way. I still have so much to do and sometimes I get tired but is emails like this that keep me going lovely

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