Manolo Blahnik Chic








Jeans HM/Jacket Manolo Blahnik/Sweater Nordstrom/Clutch Anthropologie /Sunglasses Gypsy Warrior

Happy Weekend All!!

Who can forget the famous wedding of Carrie Bradshaw to herself, her registry was at Manolo Blahnik…. Oh I remember, it’s was one of my favorite episodes. Now I have my very own Manolos and my very own #carriemoment. I was debating what to get for xmas, I was obsessing over the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag, but for my luck they sold out the same day (sad face). I have to wait till march for a relaunch. I been looking at the Manolos for a while now, but nothing that called my attention till I saw this light blue beautiful pumps. They fit perfectly and matches greatly with one of my favorite colors, gray. I love love this shoe, I gotten great compliments and so far I have no regrets. This adds to my list of a few of my shoe designers. I have a pair of fendi which I love and my Louboutins. My manolos are my Carrie moment for life being that she is my fashion icon. The great thing about the manolos is that their price point is affordable $525. I see why Carrie had ever color. Let us not forget the famous proposal by Mr. Big with one of my favorite Manolos awww feeling so inspired by this shoes. I absolutely love this look hope you guys too. XO K

‘Oh my God! Do you know what these are? Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!’ Carrie

Thank you for reading!!

Queen of the Manolos!!




Quien es la Reyna de los Manolo Blahnik nada mas y nada menos que nuestra querida carrie de Sexo en la Cuidad. Estoy inspirada con mis nuevos zapatos y propios Manolos que recibi de regalo. Me encantan el color porque van con todo y hasta con el gris que es uno de los colores favoritos. No tan solo esta de moda los zapatos de la suela roja, pero este zapato tambien es classico y muy comodo. Yo les recomiendo los Manolos porque yo estoy enamorada. Saben que adoro mis boyfriend jeans mas aun si puedo anadar los zapatos de puntas comodos como estos.


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