Hi dolls…

We are all excited for 2014 … wow 2013 was definitely a good year. 2013 opened so many doors. As many of you know I started my blog June 2013 and at first I wasn’t too sure about the responses I would get.

Bgasi is the name I decided to name my instagram and many people usually ask me the meaning behind it.

Bgasi means YOU, yes it means the woman in YOU. Beautiful, Gracious, Amazing, Intelligent and Successful. In 2008 I was with my friend Ana and I said to her you look Bgasi and she said what is that “french” no I said Bgasi … a combination of all these amazing things a woman possesses. I am a single mother, gym goer, work multiple jobs, and am also a fashion guru… I could easy get lost in the routine. As women we must remain loyal to ourselves and these words that are just words define us in what we are capable of doing.

So next time you see your mother or a good friend tell her you look so BGASI today and she will wonder but make sure she knows that she is special inside and out.

Now lets talk dresses… so in love with this vintage looking dress in pink that you can find at Glamourmeshar…


During the holidays we always think of dark colors, reds,golds, silver, and we forget the soft colors like off white, light pink or light green.

What defines us is not what we wear it’s how we wear it… and how we can be different from everyone else. I don’t like blogging just about coats because it’s coat season, I like to also be able to blog about what inspires me as a woman.


We are the foundation of a home and a business, we are the decision makers of our path, to stay true to that is real beauty that could inspire so many people to become more amazing and to never give up.

These dresses represent a dream, a designer and art crafter someone who saw the beauty in us and said why not let her wear it and look stunning.

We can not look good inside if on the outside we just feel materialized, we must be alive like this dress, bright, inspiring and sublime.

Pink isn’t just a color it is an attitude~ Miley Cyrus.

I like light, color, luminosity. I like things full of color and vibrant~Oscar de La Renta.

Even designers know that a color can make a difference, a shoe, an accessory, even the way we walk. So I heard I light a room up but it is not the brand of my clothing it’s how I learned to be, the best of me….

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